Sunday, June 8, 2008


2 Weeks Worth of Work

Since my last post, I am happy to report that as far as my work schedule is concerned, I am on track... I did, however, made several adjustments to my project because during the course of the sessions and lectures, I've learned many things that I can incorporate into my courses. Although I am overwhelmed with the vast variety of choice and means of e-learning, I've decided to streamline my project with simple interactive learning materials. 

Push the Button
50% of the days I've worked (since June 2), I've had troubles making my buttons work. Thanks to Sander, Sandy, Bieke and Rudy, I've learned a lot from Flash and I got my buttons to work... I'm not entirely new to Flash, I've attended a crash course before I got here, but all I learned from that was how to make things blink and make some things move. I didn't know any actionscript back then, and now, because I was inspired to make my individual project, not only blinking and moving, I searched the net for solutions to my queries... So far, my links are working. My only debacle as of the moment is how to get actionscript for printing pdf and showing external swf files in fullscreen... and organizing the files inside the home folder of the cd rom...

If you can help me... please do. Thanks!