Monday, June 2, 2008

Flash Quiz

Today, what I learned is how to make an interactive quiz using Flash. Rudi taught us step by step how to make it and showed us how to use templates and how to customize them to suit our needs. 

I'm beginning to see the potential of this Flash thing. There are so many things I can imagine to do with it, but most of the time I don't know where to start... because usually what you have is just a blank screen (or stage) waiting to be filled up. And for most people, I assume who are like me, a white space is the most daunting picture of all. But it is brimming with hope too--all it needs is that first brush stroke.

I was watching Prohlad drawing at Illustrator this morning and I was really impressed at how he makes beautiful pictures from scratch. I thought, where is he getting this from? (I asked) and really, it just comes from his head! Wow, it made me realize that apart from the software literacy, it's also important to have vision.  

Right now I have some kind of vision... but I'm not that literate with the software yet BUT, borrowing a quote from Z (Zelalem), "...i can manage."