Monday, May 12, 2008

How to Sleep

I find myself sleeping at inconsistently odd hours lately.  It must be my confused biological clock. Back in my country (Pacific Time, 6 hours ahead) I usually slept at around 2-3am.  If that stuck with me when I came here, I should theoretically be asleep at around 8-9pm.  

But I find myself getting sleepy as early as 6-7pm  or  3-4am. Given I always get 6-8 hours of rest, so if I slept at 6-7pm, I wake up at 2-3am (at 3-4am I should wake up at 10-11am). So my sleeping pattern is spaced out unevenly during these past few days, it's either I sleep early and wake up at dawn or slee
p late and wake at noon...both are extremes.

If falling asleep is hard for me, just imagine waking me up... after working so hard to get some shuteye, I won't give it up so easily... 

I need balance in my life!So, I thought, I'd device a three step resolution to help me cope with my problem:
1.  From now on, I'll keep a sleeping journal that would monitor my sleep.  Hopefully it will help me seek out patterns and stuff.  I'll be keeping tabs of the Time, Weather, whether I had ice cream (it might be a factor) etc...

2.  So, what do I do when I'm up during the wee hours of morning? I read the "Green History of the World" by Clive Ponting.  It is  interesting and informative, but after 10 pages, it m
ostly gets me back to sleep. It's a great solution to my sleeping problem.

3.  If ever I wake up at 4am again, I won't try getting back to sleep again... if I try hard enough I just might succeed and find myself still in Dreamland at 12nn... that's not good.