Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday Starter...

What we did yesterday...

We started the week off by stating our individual projects.  I decided to focus on stabilizing my instructional materials by developing my very own teaching portfolio.  It's hard and tedious work because I have to compile and organize a semester's worth 
of lectures and exercises, but since I have some materials here with me, I can start composing and structuring it piecemeal.  Starting with my SFFG 20 course, I hope to make an interactive DVD that will facilitate the teaching of the course, accompanied by a Manual and Online Learning support for students.

It sounds hard and difficult...ambitious, would be the right term... but if I can start doing it, I'm already a step closer to realizing it, ain't I?  Anyway, my problem is... where to start???


I loved what I learned today! Storyboarding and making shotlists
are not entirely new to me because I'm so fond of watching DVD extras (Director's interviews and commentaries) and seeing "The Making of..." featurettes.  But now, I'm beginning to understand the process of creation and imagination... and I have to say, it's really hard work.

Visualization is a frequently unused talent of mine, but I really exhausted mine today. I worked and thought real hard when making the Shotlist exercise because I can't make up my mind on a scene that works.  In the end I was quite satisfied with what I did, but I knew that it wasn't perfect.  Usually I don't give up that easily, but I was really curious about what mistakes Kristof would point out to me and tell me how he would do it.  I like learning from other people because it enables me to see another perspective, one that I've missed or ignored.

What Made My Day Today

I had RICE for dinner!  I've been craving to eat hot rice for two weeks now which means I've been curbing my desire that long. I've gone on a no-carb diet before, forsaking rice at lunch and dinner but I can only last 4 days max without rice.  So I settled for the low-carb diet instead, where rice was a staple.

Thanks so much ALMA for making my dreams come true. I will sleep soundly tonight, and will have a great day tomorrow...



I used to feel i had a really good reason to celebrate the discovery of all the food that satiates my cravings, but Flor is showing that she is high up the stakes.

To think that we all brush aside our reservations when we talk about the most evil discoveries of our centennial (good food). Thanks Flory for the endearing comment on the rice and ooh how i relish that Wednesday night.

Toast to good food... its the only one greatest thing that unites people unequivocally, placing all the bickerings aside.

Continue to tickle the poet in me Flory. and hey i refuse to call you Bel, but Flory ... just stubborn i guess

Belle said...

haha, but wednesday's chicken and rice was the best meal I've ever had in Belgium... nothing beats that...


No one calls me Flori... unless they're angry... are you angry at me Peters?


you would have to kick me in the teeth and take my food for me to be angry at you... thats what it takes for me to get angry, i hope you havent done this and are not planning to go that route anyday. Hey who would be angry at an ever-smiling beau like yourself. Did i tell you that i like your canines