Monday, May 26, 2008

What rules my life

But first, what we did today

...was present a 'storyboard' of our individual project. I took on a more general perspective of what I wanted to do, so I did a mock up on how I'd like my DVD to look like, or at least an idea of what I wanted to do.

Rudi, Sandy and Bieke were there to enlighten us, advice us and they have also suggested ways of improving our individual projects.  I found their comments, suggestions and advice very helpful because there were some things I forget to think of , or simply miss.  I know what I want now, it's a DVD rom (but if it would fit in a CD that would be great).  I had initially thought that I would produce a DVD that would both run on a standard dvd player and computer... I didn't know any better then. So now I know! Thanks to Rudi, Sandy and Bieke!

The List

I'm an obsessive "lister".   I make lists... it is always the first step in doing everything that needs to be done.  Today, I crossed out 3 items off my To Do List:

X     DVD map (the chart/map of the DVD content)
X     Course Timetable
X     Inventory of Learning Materials

... and I have a lot more to do before I draw the last line on my list.  But as of tomorrow, what I would be working on is doing another To Do list (for the week) of the powerpoint presentations I would have to improve on. After that, I move to the next item, and that is to organize the files into one folder (with proper names and tags). My target for this week is to have at least 50% completion of the content folder. If I do that, I'd have crossed off 5 items easy off the list... and doing that action gives me some sense of accomplishment. It's a good feeling.  
I highly recommend it.