Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On Video Production: Recording

Rudi taught us so many things today! What I can say is that, I am really beginning to understand how filming should be done. Back when I used to do home videos (being the designated documenter of the family), I just took my filming cue according to what is pleasing to my eye... that would be, zoom in zoom out and lots of camera movements. I realize now that it's just pleasing to My eye and not everybody's.  

I took note of some important things that will really help me improve my skills:
1. During interviews, having the camera on eye level gives a more objective perspective of the person being interviewed.
2. The angle is very important.  It conveys some 'feelings' like
 dominance (frog's) and submission (bird's)... and lots more.
3.  Always think about continuity because it makes editing much more easy.
4. Pay attention to details! Especially when using one camera and shooting different angles of the same scenes...
5. Plan your shots by making a good first and last frame.

Christoph and Kristof taught us how to use the DV cam properly, and during the exercises, all of us got a chance to play cameraman/woman.  In fact, when we wrapped up I already felt like a professional! Hahaha! It was so much fun! I just really enjoyed the day today.

Tomorrow, we'd be learning how to edit what we recorded... I hope we don't do retakes because then I'd have to bring my brown shirt... and wear it again...we'll see.