Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Midweek

What happened in Wednesday...

Sandy was our teacher for the day.  She taught us how to make a bouncing ball!
After perfecting the bouncing ball, I thought of so many things I can do with my newfound animation skill... Hmmm... I attempted to make a ball fall on a puddle (it didn't work out), I tried to make a rolling eyeball (it reminded me of the Felix the Cat clock that creeped me out so I didn't save it).  Finally, I thought about making it bounce sideways, here's the result:

I did the "pass" by searching Google on how to add motion guides, and followed it step by took me a long time! I wanted to make the bouncing ball text a button, that makes the other ball fall when clicked... but I didn't know how to do that yet.

Animations are eye catching, and I would really like to make my teaching portfolio full of interactivity using Flash.  But knowing the amount of work and time involved in making them, I can settle for keeping it simple (and elegant)... you know what they say... less is more.


Today, Sander taught us how to make a Flash video with a talking head--complete with slide sync and buttons. I learned that if I want to make more tricky things with Flash, I'd have to extend my tutorial reading list with Actionscript articles. The thing with this programming language is that always remember what files you named your files and what folders they are saved in.  I learned the hard way that items in the actionscript must correspond exactly to the files you want to animate or put in the flash video. We all learned that the hard way I guess.  But the good thing is, if we can practice it, one day it wouldn't be as hard. Right. (Yes)


Kule Abraham's Learning site said...

The bouce of that('ball') was good in itself. If you could share with me how you put this on your blog. I have been trying to put my practiced one on the blo but failed. And how do you upload some other files on the blog. I have tried yet it asks for the server name and password.