Thursday, May 15, 2008

On Video Production: Editing

We started editing our video recording today.  It was good that Kristof was very patient with us.  He helped us bring fluidity in our video...

We made many mistakes during filming! But like Pina said, we need those mistakes so that we could learn.  Seeing what we did wrong now makes us remember what we should do so that in editing, we get the right shots.  

It was really difficult to combine uncomfortably looking clips.  At first I thought, "Oh no! We'd have to do a retake!" But fortunately, Kristof taught us some tips and tricks that could save our project.  So what we did was to insert fades in between shots of clips with the same angles.  It made it look like some time passed in between and we were only taking the important and interesting ones... but it works for me.

What I learned today, and what I'll always remember to do is that details are very important.  They will guide us in making the right cuts and pastes (marks) in editing.  It's also strategic to edit points between motion (but be careful about details) because the transition is guided accordingly.  

Boy, we really learned something today!

Next time we'll be better.