Friday, May 23, 2008


I love fridays, it's full of possibilities and potentials... of FUN! Its a mindset I always have whenever the weekend arrives so even if we don't have any weekend plans, I can't help the feeling of euphoria.

Today though, I did my work in my room.  I already started it there so it was impossible to remove the post-its and my other junk from one place to another.  My chaotic arrangement makes my mind logically capable of organizing my materials so I spent the day mapping the content of my interactive DVD.

My individual project

So I decided to focus on the SFFG 20 (Social Forestry and Forest Governance 20: Communication Skills for Forestry Technicians) because I want to update it and integrate the uses of new media in its instruction.  

What I've accomplished so far is drafting the content of the DVD, making an inventory of what I have and what I should have (presentations, pictures etc.) and distributing the lessons/modules to the class days. 

My To Do's include: editing/finalizing the content, improving some of my powerpoint presentations, encode the unwritten (handwritten) exercises and activities and many many more! I'm glad it's clear to me what I should do, my only problem is, I've started doing each of them, and I'm confused as to what I should do next...

Solution: make a priority list--that's my task for tomorrow. Till then!